Life at Food+ by Compass

At its core, Food+ truly is a team, one made up of passionate, caring people coming together to create amazing food and experiences for our guests. We’re excited to come to work every day and support each other as we push the limits of what’s possible in food and in our own careers.

Meet members of our team and discover how our culture makes life at Food+ one of a kind.


Members of the Food+ team enjoy benefits, programs and resources that enrich life both on the job and at home – but our culture is about so much more than that. Explore the ingredients that form the foundation of our workplace.

Working at Food+

Career growth

Your career trajectory is about you: Where you want to go, and how you want to get there. Each member of the Food+ team develops a personalized career path and is supported at every stage of that unique journey. 


LEArning and development

We invest in you with tools and training that support your longevity, goals and growth. For example, we’ve launched a culinary training program that’s targeted to individual skill levels and immerses participants in dozens of classroom sessions and hands-on training modules.


COMPETITIVE compensation

We reward the hard work and contributions of the Food+ team with market-leading compensation packages from your first day on the job and throughout each stage of your career.

a global network of opportunities

Hungry for an adventure? You can make a move to Food+ sites in 28 countries around the world and experience the unique culture to be found at each location. Explore the cities where we operate.


meals at work

We don’t just prepare great meals, beverages and snacks – we also get to enjoy them while we’re at work, at no cost. It’s one of the most beloved – and delicious – features of our workplace!


on-site extras  

Many of the offices where Food+ operates are equipped with exciting extras that our teams can access. For example, some offices feature top-of-the-line fitness centers offering all kinds of classes and equipment. Other locations offer low-cost transportation options like commuter shuttles. (Availability of specific features varies by office and region.

Meet the Food+ team


As part of the Food+ team, you can develop your skills, advance to new roles and take advantage of opportunities throughout our extensive network. Get to know some of our featured team members who have done that and more with Food+ by Compass.


How Ivonne launched her career at Food+

For many, our Student Program doesn't just provide real-world experience: It opens the door to lasting careers.

For example, after completing a culinary internship, Ivonne joined the Food+ team as a line cook in the Bay Area and was soon promoted: first to lead line cook, and then to sous chef. In her time with Food+, she's explored diverse cuisines, helped open new cafe spaces and learned from skilled chefs.

Ivonne is excited to continue her Food+ career journey and experience further growth. “I can’t wait for a new experience to grow not only as a chef, but as a person,” she says.

Explore opportunities with our Student Program.

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Discover what drives Regional Executive Chef Fabio

After years in fine dining, Fabio was looking for better quality of life. “I used to do 16 hours a day, Saturdays, Sundays, holidays,” he says. At Food+, he soon found that work-life balance.

He started as executive chef of the Food+ site in Sao Paulo and soon took charge of operations in Brazil. More promotions followed: First to regional executive chef for Latin America, and then to regional executive chef for the Midwest, based in Chicago.

Fabio says joining the Food+ team not only led to the quality of life he hoped for, but also the chance to make an impact. “The nicest thing about this job is helping people achieve success,” he says. “When I help them be happy about what they are providing – whether it’s food or a service – that makes my day.”

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