Meet the Food+ team

There’s no better way to learn about Food+ by Compass than to get to know some of our featured team members. See what they have to say about working at Food+ and all the great things they've accomplished and experienced on the team.

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How Rachael advances bold sustainability goals

Rachael’s career path has taken her around the globe, from farms in Hawaii and Australia to cafes in our client’s Mountain View offices, where she worked as a chef de cuisine.

She draws on these diverse experiences in her role as the Food+ regional sustainability manager for the Bay Area and Americas. “I love being a chef, but I’m also very passionate about sustainability,” she says. “This opportunity is something that I never would have thought possible.”

In a typical day, Rachael focuses on initiatives ranging from food waste reduction to energy conservation by helping chefs and operations teams maximize their efforts. “The point of my job is truly to support everyone,” she says. “It’s everyone’s job to be part of sustainability.”


Discover what drives Regional Executive Chef Fabio

After years in fine dining, Fabio was looking for better quality of life. “I used to do 16 hours a day, Saturdays, Sundays, holidays,” he says. At Food+, he soon found that work-life balance.

He started as executive chef of the Food+ site in Sao Paulo and soon took charge of operations in Brazil. More promotions followed: First to regional executive chef for Latin America, and then to regional executive chef for the Midwest, based in Chicago.

Fabio says joining the Food+ team not only led to the quality of life he hoped for, but also the chance to make an impact. “The nicest thing about this job is helping people achieve success,” he says. “When I help them be happy about what they are providing – whether it’s food or a service – that makes my day.”

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How Olivia helps support healthy habits

When in a rush, people don’t always select the ideal fuel. But at Food+, a special team works behind the scenes to help guests make the best choices for their needs.

On that team is Olivia, food choice architecture and nutrition global program manager, a registered dietitian who started at Food+ as an intern while finishing her master’s in public health. “It’s about helping people make healthier decisions,” she says, like making options such as water, fruit, and salads appealing and easy for guests to grab on the go.

With her role’s global scope, Olivia contributes to projects that extend throughout Food+. “I have the chance to make a difference in so many people’s lives and really help them eat better, feel better, and ultimately have better health,” she says.


How Ivonne launched her career at Food+

For many, our Student Program doesn't just provide real-world experience: It opens the door to lasting careers.

For example, after completing a culinary internship, Ivonne joined the Food+ team as a line cook in the Bay Area and was soon promoted: first to lead line cook, and then to sous chef. In her time with Food+, she's explored diverse cuisines, helped open new cafe spaces and learned from skilled chefs.

Ivonne is excited to continue her Food+ career journey and experience further growth. “I can’t wait for a new experience to grow not only as a chef, but as a person,” she says.

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Meet Tokyo catering manager Sayaka

When Sayaka – a culinary school graduate and former chef – joined Food+ as catering manager, Tokyo’s catering program was brand-new. “I came to build a catering team almost from scratch,” she says.

Since then, she’s helped the program take off and put new ideas into practice. “We are given a level of freedom to try new things, propose ideas and keep evolving,” she says. “I can look back every few months and see our growth.”

She encourages members of the Food+ team to embrace the many exciting projects and growth opportunities that come their way. “Go for it!” she says. “Don’t be afraid to try and see. It is so unique here – there’s no limit to what you can learn.”


Baker Rebecca shares about life at Food+

For Rebecca, head baker of one of the bustling cafes that Food+ operates in London, working at Food+ has led to numerous career-enhancing experiences.

For example, she did specialized culinary training in the Netherlands. She even represented her team at Salon Culinaire, the noted culinary competition. “Every day is different – getting the chance to do so many things is amazing,” she says.

Rebecca appreciates those experiences, but says each day brings opportunities for growth. “You will learn something new every day, so start your day with an open mind,” she says. “Most of all, enjoy what you do and be proud of it. The hospitality industry is so diverse and an amazing sector to work in!”

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Meet Cole, director of dining services in Ann Arbor, Michigan

What is unique about working in our environment?

It is an incredibly diverse environment where big ideas are valued, where people can be themselves, and where every opinion matters.

How would you describe your role?

I'm the connection between senior leadership and front-line staff, so I get the chance to hear all of the big ideas. Then, I distill them down into useful tips for my teams.

What's your advice for new team members?

We are growing every day, so there’s endless opportunities. Whatever your experience, if you can develop and grow and are willing to accept new challenges, you will have every opportunity before you.

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From nutrition to operations: Bruna's career journey

A nutritionist, Bruna’s career path has taken some unexpected turns. For example, after graduating from university and excelling in Compass Group, she moved to Australia for an internship opportunity.

When she returned to Brazil, she joined the Food+ team, first as manager of the pantry spaces at the Food+ site in Sao Paulo, and then as unit manager of the Belo Horizonte office. Today, she’s back in Sao Paulo, this time as that site’s unit manager.

As unit manager, Bruna helps lead the teams creating the food experiences that fuel our client’s Sao Paulo office. “Food is joy, and we help to inspire our client,” she says. “That motivates me and all my team to be creative, trying always to surprise our client and deliver great service.”

Training and development: Exploring new culinary skills

Ready to explore the world and your potential? At Food+, you can access a global network of opportunities.

Take Bay Area chefs Rossi and Malachi, who participated in a culinary exchange experience in Italy and trained at ALMA, the world's leading international educational and training center for Italian cuisine.

"Our leadership believes in their employees and not only trains them but also believes in their capacity to be better and to bring all they've learned back to their sites and teach others," says Rossi.

Explore Food+ career opportunities around the world.

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Josh, Chicago account director, shares his career journey

For Josh, Food+ has opened the door to a career path filled with growth and development.

He first joined the Food+ team as the marketing, communications and engagement (MCE) manager in Dublin. Eager to continue gaining experience, he moved to Seattle for the role of MCE manager of a different line of business. A promotion soon brought him to Chicago, where he’s now that site’s account director.

Interested in experiencing similar growth? Josh says it starts with making the most of the opportunities around you. “We have a huge amount of opportunity here,” he says. “Ask to get involved with other parts of the business, or whatever interests you most. Have those conversations, and take the opportunities.”

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