Food+ by Compass

Food for thought: Can food change the world?

We’d like to think so – in fact, we see it every day.


What we do

We are Food+ by Compass, a team of skilled culinarians, managers, food service operators and subject matter experts crafting food experiences that fuel big ideas at one of the world’s major tech companies.

The Food+ by Compass team does it all – cafes serving thousands of meals daily, high-concept spaces with inventive offerings, specialty catering service, craft coffee bars, and so much more.

In our unique setting, we truly do think of food as an experience – and as a vital component of our client’s workplace. The Food+ team’s care and creativity helps spark innovation, connection and community, whether we’re putting on a special pop-up event, leading hands-on cooking classes, or simply chatting with a guest while preparing their morning cappuccino.


Who we are

Food+ is delivered by Compass Group PLC, the global leader in food services. Our team is made up of branded sectors working together to create the Food+ experience for the key client to which we’re dedicated. 

a snapshot of The Global food+ Family

Compass Group

Compass Group

How we make a global impact

We’re proud to be part of the global Compass Group family, which has been recognized for its efforts in areas like diversity and inclusion, employee health and wellness, innovation and social impact. Explore some of Compass Group's recent recognitions below.

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making a difference with every meal

Our vision

To help shape the global food system while enabling our dedicated client to reach new heights of innovation and impact.


Our mission

To deliver delicious, nutritious food and beverage service that supports the well-being and productivity of everyone we serve.

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What we believe

We’re dedicated to serving delicious, nutritious food that’s crafted with care, inspired by diverse global cuisines and built on flavor and thoughtfully chosen ingredients.

Culinary excellence

The food and experiences we provide make a big impact – they foster community and help fuel the teams creating world-changing technologies. We’re passionate about that focus and our role in supporting the long-term success of everyone we feed.

People focus

Every member of the Food+ team plays an essential role. Whether working in culinary, management, operations or elsewhere, each individual is supported in the work they do and valued for their creativity and contributions.


Through focused efforts like responsible sourcing, local purchasing and a plant-forward culinary approach, we strive to positively impact the global food system now and in the years to come.


Our team implements innovative technologies, tools and ideas that enable us to make a global impact, from embracing behavioral sciences and waste reduction techniques to utilizing cutting-edge, planet-friendly ingredients.



Where we operate

From Mountain View to Munich, Chicago to Shanghai, Sao Paulo to Singapore, Sydney and beyond, there’s a place for you on the Food+ team. Explore our global locations map to see all the amazing cities where we operate.

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